Nathan (theamused) wrote,

Superhero numerology

The fourth day before the Fourth marks the fourth big opening weekend of the summer. Superman Returns actually came out three days earlier, or four if you count the fourth day’s midnight pre-premiere. Its new Superman, Brandon Routh, is the fourth Superman, following Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, and Tom Welling. This version is a sequel to the fourth Superman, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, the sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the original Superman, itself not original but rather a big screen adaptation of the classic comic book series, created in 1932, released in 1938, and which reached full bloom in the post-War era. That timing is important because this renewed call for a square-jawed savior to save the future of the free world is reminiscent of the übermensch Superman of the Third Reich, a force bent on its own unholy Quest for Peace, making this undying devotion to laconic iconic leaders who would destroy all those Evildoers who would crash our airplanes into a sort of paranoid Fourth Reich in its own right.
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